Sunday, August 1, 2010


You may have noticed I've taken a recent break from posting. Not to worry, this doesn't mean I've taken a break from baking! I actually have been working on a new craft, cakes. I have recently completed my first of 3 decorating classes, and have had two paid jobs already!

One of my friends trusted me before I trusted myself, and asked me to make anniversary cakes for her parents' 50th wedding anniversary. No pressure! So after several trials, I delivered 2 half-sheet cakes, and they were loved by all. Another friend from college saw all the cakes I was making and asked me to make a cake for her husband's birthday. Finally, my son wanted a dinosaur cake for his 5th birthday party. I am loving learning right now, amazing how that is when you really enjoy what you are learning about!

I am working on official business cards as well as some additional logo items, I can't wait! More to come, stay tuned!