Monday, February 28, 2011

Cupcake a month

I am exploring options for keeping me baking, and keeping people buying cupcakes.  Considering I have limited time to invest in my passion right now (darn economics!) I was thinking one speciality cupcake a month might spark some interest.  Last month it was Red Velvet.  This month... Chocolate Mint.  I'm testing out my idea this Friday, all those lucky helpers at church get to sample.

Look for a posting later about the final product.  Let me know if you have any ideas for other months!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Red Velvet Cupcakes ready for Valentine's Day!

No, this is not an illusion, I am actually blogging again!  I said this would be a crazy year, unfortunately, it has been much crazier than I imagined.  I apologize to all my friends who looked forward to reading of my baking pursuits.  I am trying to find the balance between baking, family, school & gym.... needless to say it is tough.

A few weeks ago I put the word out that I was making Red Velvet Cupcakes for Valentine's Day.  This seemed to be a great way to advertise, I got 5 orders!  Today marks the first delivery and also a picture of these delicious creations.  If you missed the announcement, there is still time to order, just let me know!