Sunday, December 19, 2010

day 19 - gingerbread

In my 36 years, I have never made gingerbread.  I'm not sure why, so I thought I'd make it today.  Just so you know, it turns out to be so good I really need it to disappear quickly!  Unfortunately, I think the only way that is going to happen is for me to eat it.

Today's recipe comes from one of my favorite sources, Everyday Food.  I love the magazine that they produce. It has really good food that isn't too fancy and well liked by my whole family.  I also have the 2 cookbooks they have published.  The original recipe for gingerbread included a swirl of chocolate, but as you know I'm not a big fan of chocolate, so I left it out today.  I really did make this for myself!

The beautiful dark color in gingerbread comes from the molasses.  I have a love for the flavor of molasses, I remember pouring it over my pancakes as a kid, such a deep and complex flavor.  There is a bit of spiciness as well in this cake that comes from a generous amount of ginger as well as cloves and black pepper. 

Another quick and easy recipe for me today. I have a couple big projects on my list for the coming week, so stay tuned!

Chocolate Swirl Gingerbread (Martha Stewart Everyday Food)

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