Sunday, December 26, 2010

day 26 - peanut butter cup brownies

Today was one of those days I wanted to make something from what was in the house.  I didn't want to go out of the house, I didn't want to work too hard, I wanted to be lazy.  So what did I make?  Brownies. No, not from a mix, from scratch, duh!  But plain old brownies just aren't that exciting to me.  However, once you add peanut butter?  Ooooh, now that is good!

So out comes my cocoa powder.  I prefer to make brownies with cocoa powder, only because I don't ALWAYS have a variety of chocolate in the house to use.  If you have chocolate sitting around, those are great too.  Today I used the recipe on the back, simple standard ingredients.  Melted butter, cocoa powder, sugar, eggs, vanilla, flour and salt.  That is the batter.  Now for the peanut butter filling.  I mixed together creamy peanut butter, melted butter, powdered sugar and some vanilla until it was smooth.  I choose to use muffin cups - only because my 8x8 pan was in the freezer with a casserole - but they are also easy for the kids too.  In the bottom put just a dolop of brownie, then top it with some of the peanut butter and finally more brownie.  Bake in a 350*F oven for about 30 minutes.  The peanut butter seemed to ooze out of my brownies, so they look a little funny, but they certainly taste great.    If you have any vanilla ice cream left over from Christmas, it would be delicious on these warmed up.  Enjoy!


  1. Day 26! I'll be so sad when your 30 days are over!

  2. me too... sort of! I've already come up with another idea to keep me blogging regularly.